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Watch Mapp And Lucia Online Free. ‘Mapp And Lucia’ is set in the middle of Summer in Tilling – Miss Elizabeth Mapp is known as the town’s schemer and she is expecting a guest of great importance. Mapp leases her beautiful house to Mrs Emmeline Lucas, known to her friends as Lucia, for the rest of the Summer months. Mapp soon finds out she’s bitten off more then she can chew, as Lucia is the queen bee of her home town. She see’s Tilling as the perfect place to move on past her widowed status with her best friend Georgie Pillson. Mapp hopes to run Lucia out of town, whilst Lucia bullies her way into the Tillingites lives. The residents watch on as the two women compete against one another in any which way they can

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Mapp And Lucia Season 1 Episode 3
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